6 Easy Fashion Changes You Can Make Which Have a Big Impact on Your Look!

Female clothes on hangers and shoes

It’s every fashionista’s dream to stand out for all the right fashionable reasons. However, with so many people also working to achieve the same, it can seem like the impossible task. Unless, of course, you know some of the right items to use to get the biggest response from your looks.


A new Lipstick

Don’t underestimate the power of changing your lipstick color. Even if you aren’t moving to a bold option, the change is noticeable and people will remark. When you are choosing a new lipstick color, be sure that it also offers you the right additions, such as moisturization and sun protection to help keeps your lips plump and full.


Colored Contacts

Changing your eye color is one of the easiest ways to temporarily change your look. Take a look at the Groupon Coupons page for 1800contacts to see the options available. While a cobalt blue or similarly neon option is likely to get a huge response, consider sticking with regular colors. Trust us, the change in color will be noticeable enough without drawing attention from everybody.


Hair Style and Color

In defiance of the tip above, when it comes to your hairstyle and color, drawing attention is exactly what you want to do with a change of hairstyle. For example, if you have had a long haired style for as long as you can remember then a short option is sure to turn heads. Similarly, if you have curly hair and wear it naturally, consider a semi-permanent straightening treatment.



If you wear visible stocking or tights then you have a great way to change up your look. Head to your favorite department store and look for stocking and tights with discrete patterns and a mixture of colors you usually wouldn’t wear, such as burgundy and an army green. These options go nicely with all colors and styles.


Nail Polish

Before you start thinking about the lavish nail art options available today, this tip comes more in the form of either beginning to wear nail polish if you don’t already, or changing your color if you do. If you don’t usually wear nail polish and you are looking to choose your first color, a great tip is to match it with your hair. For example, if you have brown hair, stick with an autumn pallet for nail colors.



While it may seem like a tip reserved solely for women, men can also benefit from changing their shoes. For a woman, moving from flats to pumps is a great way to draw attention, as is choosing centerpiece shoes which draw the eye. For men, quality is what will get you noticed. Instead of getting a regular pair of dress shoes from a department store, head to an upscale shoe-store for a pair of quality and luxury shoes.

Even with just one of the six ideas above will be more than enough to get noticed for the good reasons and can be great ways to change your style.