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April 16th 2008 01:01

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When you think of Alf, you think of the 80’s.
He was an institution.

Everything about the show; the jokes, the family, the theme song just oozed 80’s style.

But the whole show was Alf (Alien Life Form) himself. Gordon Shumway of the Melmac Orbit Guard; last known survivor of his race.

He was cute, funny, rude, obnoxious, cool and always full of trouble. Plus, he loved eating cats – who doesn’t?

Like many shows of the time, it switched from laughing high-jinx to heartfelt goosebump moments in the blink of an eye.

Alf destroying all the household appliances to make some kind of gadget was disastrous, and entertaining. Alf using the parts to build a radio to contact survivors of his own planet and sitting alone in the garage waiting for a reply, that’s just sad...poor Alf.

He even had his own spin-off cartoon; which was actually a prequel to the original series, and he was still on his home planet. It was so popular that it had its own spin-off too! Some crappy show where the cartoon characters would be put into classic fairytale episodes.

However, the original show was left on a cliff-hanger forever.
In the final episode, Alf finally contacts survivors of his own kind. They come to Earth to rescue him, but at the last moment he is taken by the government and it ends with a to be continued...
...then NBC axed it!

Did Alf escape and go back to terrorizing Miss Ochmonek (Jerry’s Mom is Seinfeld!), or did they dissect his body for scientific research? I guess we’ll never know.

Apparently there was a follow up movie. But it was so bad that it was stricken from the record, and it didn’t even involve the Tanner family, who he lived with his whole time on Earth.

Shame on NBC.

ALF opening credits

‘I Kill Me!’

For more posts, articles and books by Jarrah Loh, visit his website:


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Comment by Hazel Castillo

April 16th 2008 02:56
I didn't read the post. just saw the pictures adn.. Oh MY God! hahah I miss that funny furry guy!

Comment by Anonymous

April 16th 2008 12:10
I love alf!!!!

Seriously, he is like the cutest thing ever.
Aww, how I miss all these things....

Comment by Anonymous

May 9th 2009 15:05
Am i the only one who thought ALF was a massive drain on the families resources?

Comment by Anonymous

March 29th 2010 01:00
i miss alf i loved that show we should gather up and start a protest for a full length feature film of alf

Comment by oseri

September 22nd 2010 08:45
It's sad that nowadays series showing family life concentrate on sex, drugs and all that shit..

Comment by Anonymous

November 2nd 2011 09:07
why is that sad?

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