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6 Easy Fashion Changes You Can Make Which Have a Big Impact on Your Look!

Female clothes on hangers and shoes

It’s every fashionista’s dream to stand out for all the right fashionable reasons. However, with so many people also working to achieve the same, it can seem like the impossible task. Unless, of course, you know some of the right items to use to get the biggest response from your looks.   A new Lipstick…

Fashion trends set to influence interior design next year


The world of interior design is fickle. Tastes change, and what was last year’s fabulous home hit could be this year’s garage sale reject. To avoid making any big mistakes about what’s on-trend, here’s a rundown of the general direction of things to come for 2016. Colour check The big news in colour circles is…

Back to School Trends for 2015


It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time for back to school 2015. And, like all other seasons of the year, there are trends that are taking over to freshen and liven things up and provide a much-needed change from the season prior. So check out the list below for a few back to school…

Go Crazy with Your Hair Style by Using Stylish Headbands


Headbands are a classic clothing accessory which was first used by the Ancient Greeks. Headbands can be worn around the head as either a fashion item because of their stylish appearance or a functional item by keeping hair away from the face of the wearer. The popularity of headbands through the years has not wavered…

Wedding Makeup Can Elevate The Look Of A Bride More


Weddings can be defined as a vital part in the lives of every individual. It is the time when two souls are going to become one for the rest of their lives. However, makeup forms a major part as brides always love to look their best, during their special days. Apart from floral designs and…

Designer Bags from kenza Boutique


If you are a woman and love dressing well, there is no doubt that designer handbags must be an essential part of your fashion statement. They are not merely something to keep your money or makeup in; it’s much more than that. They give a definition to your outfit and enhance your look. No wonder,…

How to Wear Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are very fashionable and many men and women alike love them. A great thing is that they can be worn in many different ways, being part of a wide variety of outfits….

10 Essentials for Perfect Wardrobe


Building the perfect wardrobe is an exciting journey for most women, but oftentimes it can be a daunting task. Incorporating the right pieces to make a classic statement is an achievement that only stylists and fashion editors manage to practice a lot. But fret not, ladies! In this article, we will help you gather the…