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Tackling common sexual problems: how to face your bedroom fears


When it comes to sex, it’s not always plain sailing. So, if you suffer from a problem that is getting in the way of you having a good time in the bedroom, it’s important to face up to your fears. Find treatments for sexual problems If your bedroom concerns have a medical cause you could…

What you need to know about building friendships


Making friends is not always easy – just ask any child in the school playground. Although you might think the fact you’re older and wiser means that making friends is easier, you’d be wrong. Here were look at everything you need to know about making friends to ensure you get it right – taking inspiration…

Picking Up the Pieces after Divorce


Divorces are never easy on anyone involved. They can be messy and bring out the worst in the people involved. It’s a rare occasion when a divorce happens amicably and the people involved end their marriage on good terms. Honestly, I wouldn’t wish a divorce on my worst enemy. No matter how long you’ve been… Review – Review of India’s biggest Dating site


Oh yes! You heard it right, there’s a (clean) dating site in India and a pretty big one at that. So what exactly is a dating site and why make a big deal about it?…

The Digital Dating Game


The world of online dating has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Gone are the days of computer nerds dominating the cyber dating world as today more people begin relationships online than ever before. If you’re feeling timid about dipping a toe into the pool of online romance, here is some simple and…