Fashion trends set to influence interior design next year


The world of interior design is fickle. Tastes change, and what was last year’s fabulous home hit could be this year’s garage sale reject. To avoid making any big mistakes about what’s on-trend, here’s a rundown of the general direction of things to come for 2016.


Colour check

The big news in colour circles is pink. Don’t panic, it’s not a hot, headache-inducing fuchsia pink, it’s pale, pastel perfection that is so flexible, it will be popping up everywhere in 2016. The experts call it Blush Pink or sometimes Rose Quartz, and it looks dreamy painted on walls, in fabrics, wallpaper, tiles, accessories – the potential for this pretty pink is endless. Such a colour is in tune with the tranquil mood slipping into interior design. Minimalism is still with us, but it’s being interpreted in a more casual and relaxed way.

Using it

Blush pink as a blanket coat for a room instead of hard white is far more forgiving, totally contemporary and just that little bit less mannered. Create a seamless and harmonious effect by painting walls, interior wooden shutters, skirting and detailing all the same shade. This wholesale colour wash drenches the space in calm, soft light, creating the perfect backdrop for a stunning room. Wooden shutters in plantation styles or solid designs work well in this type of room because they extend the long, uninterrupted lines desired in minimalism and so often lost with fussy window treatments; and, of course, when it really is a premier product, the quality shows.

Bloom boom

Another theme getting a push next year is florals. In wallpapers, fabrics and ceramics, the power of the flower is evident. Forget large-scale blowsy blooms and instead notice the ultra-detailed, near scientific beauty of some of the floral themes on offer. You’ll see wallpaper that looks like it has been torn from an Edwardian botanist’s sketchbook and exotic close-ups of glossy blooms on cushion covers.

Gold rush

Having spent some years in the doldrums, associated with a certain tackiness and taste vacuum, gold is now moving centre stage again. Most evident in lighting, bathroom and kitchen fittings and furniture, the gold rush is gaining momentum. Think muted, matt and dull finishes rather than opulent gloss.

Texture talk

The general call for a mood of calm and a need to disconnect from tech and tension is encouraged with the introduction of the most touchable, tactile fabrics and textiles. “Nesting” and “cocooning” is big in 2016, and with all the shaggy, faux fur, tasselled, waffled, fringed, quilted, patchwork, velvety fabrics on offer, building a des res nest won’t be hard. Sofas and beds will become nesting stations where only the softest, cosiest and most sensual throws and cushions are welcome.

Interior design draws upon influences from everywhere, from the fashion catwalks, popular culture, global moods and environmental factors. It’s a world in flux, which keeps things really exciting and interesting, allowing home décor fans the chance to experiment with new ideas and retrial traditional styles. With 2016 just around the corner, the anticipation for a year of new design delights is really beginning to build.