Go Crazy with Your Hair Style by Using Stylish Headbands


headbandsHeadbands are a classic clothing accessory which was first used by the Ancient Greeks. Headbands can be worn around the head as either a fashion item because of their stylish appearance or a functional item by keeping hair away from the face of the wearer.

The popularity of headbands through the years has not wavered and has remained timeless. With the different types of headbands available now from colorful plastic headbands to jewel-embellished ones, it is not surprising that many have fallen in love with headbands.

Types of Headbands

There are different types of headbands available to consumers nowadays. Different materials such as fabric, plastic and metallic wires are used to make different styles of headbands. In all occasions, headbands can be worn due to the wide variety of styles present. Here are some types of headbands available for consumers:

Classic headband. Classic headbands are the most used by people all over the world. Some can be made of plastic while some are made up of metallic wire. Other classic headbands can also be made up of two straps, either of the same color or not, which are called double-strap headbands. This type of headbands is usually toothed to secure the hair of the wearer.

Jersey headband. Jersey headbands are made of cotton and usually have a thickness length of two to three inches. These also come in different styles like the knotted or braided jersey headbands. This kind of headband more comfortable compared to classic headbands because it does not dig into the head of the wearer.

Elastic headband. Elastic headbands are made up of elastic materials and are more secured compared to normal headbands since it wraps all around the wearer’s head. One functional elastic headband is the sweatband that is usually used when rigorous physical activities are concerned. Sweatbands are worn to prevent the sweat from going down to the face. These are popular among athletes.

Headbands have surely come a long way from the time it was first used. Recently, electronic headbands that can treat migraines had been developed. These headbands use electrodes to stimulate nerves associated with migraines. Scarf headbands are also popular today since it is available in many prints, colors and styles. They are tied in any way to create the desired look. Truly, the list of patterns and styles used in headbands seems endless.

Ways of wearing headbands

There are different ways to wear headbands. It usually depends on the type of headband, but it can also be based on the hair style of the wearer. Here are some tips on how to wear headbands:

•    Toothed headbands are usually worn by pushing it back from your head. To add more drama, they can also be pulled forward after to add a bun in the front section of your hair. This would look well with a ponytail, messy bun, pigtails or even a hairdo that falls down straight.

•    For a simple look, just set your headband over all of your hair. This will look good in any hairdo.

•    For people with bangs, place the headband just behind your bangs and style the rest of your hair in any way you want be it in a messy bun or anything else.

•    For headbands made up of a piece of fabric like a scarf, wrap it around your head twice by putting it at the base of your ear and pulling the sides to enclose around your head. Tie it in a loose bow above your head to add a more adorable look or tie it at the nape of your head for a simple look.

•    For curly-haired people, sweep your front curls to the side and put a headband at the highest point of your forehead.

•    Braids and headbands also look good together. So, braid your hair to the side and place a headband at the top of your head. For a long-stringed headband, braid the loose ends with your hair.

•    For a bohemian look, you should part your hair in the middle and put a headband across your forehead.

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