How to Wear Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are very fashionable and many men and women alike love them. A great thing is that they can be worn in many different ways, being part of a wide variety of outfits.

Skinny JeansFor instance, you can pick a pair of jeans that comes in fun colours or patterns. This is recommended for a fun look you want to wear at parties or less formal occasions in general.

However, if you want the jeans you are wearing to make you look skinnier, it is advisable to go for a dark solid colour. Also, here are some other tips on how to make yourself look skinnier when wearing such jeans. Go for large pockets at the back, as they will make your buttocks look smaller. This is also a look that works great when you want to wear your skinny jeans at the office.

This type of jeans must be reasonably tight. For this reason, you need to pick up a pair that is not too loose, nor too tight. Since they are made of denim, and this material is not very stretchy, to start with, you must make sure that you are comfortable when wearing them. A blend of denim and spandex is more recommended, as it makes the fabric more elastic, making it easier for you to bend and move comfortably.

Choose your style from low rise, high rise and regular jeans. Each person has a certain body shape, and you need to identify the style of jeans that fit you best. As always, when trying them out, see if you can bend, crouch, or do other movements that can become restricted by a too tight pair of skinny jeans.
These jeans should not be too loose, either. If they tend to become baggy around the hips, this will definitely hurt your look. Go with a pair that fits just right, and allows you freedom of movement.