How You Can Wear Printed Pants


Wear Neutral Tones with Printed Purple Pants

When you wear purple printed pants, you want to wear neutral toned shirts such as black, charcoal, brown or khaki because these tones balance out the brightness of the purple in the pants. Some good shirts to wear with the purple printed pants include halter tops, purple cardigan shirt, long sleeve silk blouses, T shirts or button down black shirts or brown shirts. Printed pants are great to wear during springtime but they are also good to wear in the fall or early winter.

Pair the Pants with Magenta

If you are not a big fan of neutral tones, you can wear a magentas shirt and accessories with the purple printed pants. You can wear a magenta silk blouse with the printed purple pants along with silver jewelry and white shoes. You can also wear a magenta bracelet or magenta ring with the purple pants. Magenta is a deep purple that is an alternative to hot or light pink.

Purple Printed Pants with White Blouse and Blazer

If you have a pair of purple printed pants and they are suited for work, you can wear the printed pants with a white linen or silk blouse with a black or dark purple blazer. For accessories you can wear some pearl earrings, a gold bracelet and a long necklace with the printed pants and blazer. You can also wear a pair of black or charcoal shoes with this outfit.

Beaded Wedge Sandals

If you want to add a touch of pizzazz to your purple printed sandals, beaded wedge sandals are excellent to wear. Clothing websites such as not only sell printed purple pants but they also sell wedge sandals with embellishments on them so you will have a variety of beaded sandals to choose from for the spring and summer months.

Dark Purple Shirt with Purple Printed Pants

Another thing you can wear with your purple printed pants is to wear a dark purple shirt or sweater with the pants. To accessorize this outfit you would wear some silver drop earrings, silver studded bracelet and a silver necklace to offset the deep dark purple of the shirt and light purple in the printed pants. Black wedge shoes can be worn with the dark purple shirt and printed pants.

Wearing Purple Printed Pants with White Tunic Shirt

For a more retro look to your purple printed pants, you can sport a white tunic with sequins or some kind of embroidery on it. You can find some neat tunics along with the printed purple pants at and these are affordable and come in diverse sizes.

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