QuackQuack.in Review – Review of India’s biggest Dating site


Oh yes! You heard it right, there’s a (clean) dating site in India and a pretty big one at that. So what exactly is a dating site and why make a big deal about it?

download (12)‘Dating’ unlike many ‘men’ think, is the modern art of meeting another single and getting to know each other. While many a sites have existed in other countries, we have always had a lack of such platforms in India. Kudos to QuackQuack.in, which has brought this culture alive.

So, what’s the big deal? QuackQuack.in is now the single largest platform to find someone to date in your city. The numbers? QuackQuack.in has over 3.5 Lakh users in its database who are interested to mingle out of which 35% are female users. The platform gets over 130,000 pageviews a single day with people browsing each others profiles. Whoah! Big number that!

We tried registering on QuackQuack.in to review the site and found the UI to be clean and was blazing speedy! Not a single profile or photo was indecent as you would find on other poor networking sites. The Waves option for introducing yourself seemed pretty easy and simple to use. There are other options like chatting and liking profiles which makes the experience spontaneous.

We think such platforms are need of the hour for teens and teen-minded alike to find their partners online. After all, while there has been this e-commerce boom, its time Indians got a fair chance at clean dating as well.