Shopping for a Bathing Suit That Flatters Your Figure: 5 Factors to Consider


Shopping for a bathing suit can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. We constantly see models wearing these suits, and so it is often hard to determine if the items we see will actually look good when we put them on! Here are 5 factors to consider when shopping for a bathing suit that flatters your specific, beautiful, unique figure. Use these swimsuit shopping tips to take the stress out of shopping and have some fun instead!

  1. Determine your body shape. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Often you can find a shape that best described your own body, or it may be a combination of a few different ones. Main shapes include pear, hour glass, inverted pear and many more. Your body shape can help you to identify which suits will likely look best on you. For example, someone with an hour glass shape may choose to emphasize their small waistline with a bikini. Someone with a pear shape may want to draw attention to their upper body to take away from wider hips or legs.
  2. Shop at a store that specializes in bathing suits. Get professional guidance and advice by shopping with experts who know what looks best on certain body types. These people have seem bathing suits on tons of different shapes and sizes and will have ideas to help you narrow down your suit selection, making the experience much less over whelming and much more simple!
  3. Consider using patterns and colors to play up certain features and tone down others. You may choose a solid color for your bottom and a pattern such as stripes on top if you want to draw attention to your upper body and torso.
  4. Don’t worry about the size label, focus on comfort and coverage. Bathing suits often don’t run in sizes that match your clothing sizes. Have an open mind and don’t be self critical if you need to go up a size. Also, remember that you top and bottom may be different sizes. Knowing this going in will help you to feel better about sizing so that you don’t get upset or frustrated. The most important thing to focus on is if the suit feels comfortable, looks right, and has enough coverage.
  5. Finally, shop for suits with details and other features that are more flattering for your body. Ruffles can be used to play up an area or they can be used to take attention away as well. You can also shop for suits with sequins that will be eye catching! You may also consider suits with a small skirt or a sarong to take the focus away from your hips and provide coverage that will help you to feel comfortable while wearing the suit.

When shopping for a new bathing suit, be sure to consider your body shape first, shop at a bathing suit store with experienced professionals such as Vida Soleil, don’t be discouraged by sizes, play up your best features with colors, patterns, textures and more, and finally have fun!