Top tips to brighten your morning beauty


It’s 6am, your buzzer is blaring in your ears, and you’ve got the Fear something rotten. There’s a looming threat awaiting you as soon as you clamber out of bed – it’s the bathroom mirror, and it’s ready to ruin your day.

You slump towards it like a prisoner walking the Green Mile, seeing everything you dreaded – extra wrinkles, a flab-tastic face, and hair that resembles an ape from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

No one wants that kind of wake-up call.

So we’ve come up with a few ideal ways to help. Follow them to the letter and you’ll have a brighter, healthier morning.

Reduce those multiplying chins

When your diet has gone awry, your chin becomes like Gremlins – it’ll multiply beyond recognisability.

And while it’s alright for Bruce Forsyth to have a prominent chin, few people want a face hitting multiple figures. Meghan Trainor might think it’s all about that bass, but that only works if you own a well-rounded derriere.

Naturally, there are a thousand-and-one different articles on how to reduce double chin. But most can do no more than foist snake oil onto unsuspecting readers.

However, there are some creams that can help you. The cream (geddit?) of the crop will tighten up your chin, giving you the time to exercise and actually get rid of that eyesore.

Beauty sleep

Getting your “beauty sleep” is a tired cliché – but it’s also completely accurate.

Scientists have found that people who lose out on their 40 winks are generally deemed less attractive by the opposite sex. So packing in a standard eight to nine hours of sleep is vital to waking up and feeling attractive.

If you struggle to catch those Zs, then try to cut down on distractions. Instead of browsing your phone, laptop or telly, crack open a good book a few hours before bed. As your mind relaxes into the prose, you’ll fall into a doze far more easily.

When you awaken, you’ll find fewer signs of a poor night’s sleep.

Watery help

If you’re devouring Diet Coke like it was your only form of survival, then the root of your health problems is clear.

Replace fizzy drinks with a lovely sip of H2O if you want to wake up with greater ease.

With an average of eight glasses a day, your blood circulation will improve and, in turn, make you feel a lot healthier.

A glass of water before bed can also act as a great wakeup call. After all, what’ll get you up faster than an urgent trip to the loo?