What You Need To Avoid When Wearing Resin Jewellery


Resin jewellery is surprisingly sturdy when stacked up against other materials, such as sterling silver and gold. Though it’s strong and hard to scratch, it’s still possible to damage your this jewellery if not properly cared for. Below are 3 things that you need to avoid when wearing your women’s jewellery made of resin to ensure that it stays in the same gorgeous state it was on the day it was purchased:

Avoid Water At All Costs
Whenever possible, keep your resin pieces away from any possible source of water. This means:

• Not soaking your resin pieces in water
• Reducing the amount of time that it’s worn in humid climates or areas (including near your shower)
• Not using water to clean it

Only for stubborn dirt and grime should you need to actually use water to clean your resin women’s jewellery. Otherwise, a soft cloth is all you’ll need to clean it and restore its natural shine.

Speaking of cleaning…

Avoid Contact With Jewellery Cleaning Solutions
This one’s a bit tricky since many resin ladies jewellery pieces incorporate other elements and metals that may need a bit of special cleaning from time to time. Whatever you do, do not submerge your resin pieces in any cleaning solution that’s intended for another material, such as metal. Treat the metal sections separately, and even consider wrapping up the resin in cotton swabs or plastic to help keep it from coming in contact with the cleaning solution.

Avoid Coming In Contact With Flames
Though this one seems fairly straightforward for personal safety reasons, there have been instances where individuals have gotten too close to flames which has not only damaged their jewellery (i.e. a woman wearing a resin necklace leans in to blow out the candles on a birthday cake), but has started a fire. Resin, when it comes in contact with a flame, can spark a flame, so be extremely careful if there’s any chance that you may come in contact with an open flame.

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