3 Reasons Why You Suffered a Burn During Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Laser hair removal is generally seen to be a safe and convenient way to remove hair, and is carried out in salons and clinics across the country. Most of the time, the only side effects you feel after laser hair removal treatment are a little redness, some minor discomfort, and slight change in skin tone for a few hours. But sometimes laser hair removal can result in a burn. Here are some of the reasons why you may have suffered a burn when you went for laser hair removal.

1. You Had a Tan at the Time of Treatment

One of the most common reasons why skin is burned during laser hair removal or IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment is that your skin was tanned when you got the treatment. The laser is targeting the colour in the skin, as effectively it wants to send energy to be absorbed by this colour pigment. When your skin is not its normal colour tone and is tanned, the energy is not absorbed by the proper target, the melanin in the unwanted hair, and instead is also absorbed by a proportion of the surrounding skin too. This can be too much energy in a space, and therefore it could result in a burn. Sometimes darker skinned people may find this a problem, too. It is important that a therapist discusses this with you before you have the treatment.

2. The Machine Didn’t Work Correctly

It may not be a very common reason since most clinics use modern and tested equipment for laser hair removal, but it does happen that equipment can malfunction and this can cause injury. In this case, if you were burned by faulty equipment, you could have a case for compensation for burns sustained during the treatment. It is really important to have treatment only at a salon or clinic where there is professional equipment that is regularly tested. Only have the treatment at a place you trust.

3. The Beautician Made a Mistake

This is a common reason for a burn occurring during laser hair removal. And if this happened to you, you could be able to claim for compensation for your injuries. As the market for laser hair removal grows, more and more practitioners are getting in on the action and some are not trained and not experienced in the techniques. There is a danger that someone inexperienced will make a mistake with the intensity of the laser which will result in a burn.

Image: Image courtesy of artemisphoto/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net